Cardiovascular Integrated Physicians (CVIP) provides the following remote monitoring services.

Remote monitoring, Event Monitor

An event monitor is a portable device that captures and records the electrical activity of a patient’s heart. It is worn for various lengths of time (from 24 hours to several weeks). Event monitors enable doctors to detect and evaluate any abnormal heart rhythms (arrythmias) that happen temporarily or randomly, especially outside of the doctor’s office. Different heart rhythms can come and go, such as with atrial fibrillation. An event monitor will provide more information about any possible arrythmias, such as the type of arrythmia a patient is experiencing.

Loop Recorder

An implantable loop recorder, also known as an ILR, is a heart monitor that lasts up to 3 years. It is a small device that is inserted under the skin on the chest by a doctor in an officed-based, minor procedure that takes approximately 5 minutes. For patients with infrequent heart symptoms that cannot be observed with an event monitor, an ILR is an appropriate alternative because the ILR allows for further monitoring of symptoms by functioning as an ECG device that captures data on electrical signals generated by the heart. An ILR can help identify arrythmias that cause conditions such as fainting spells or unexplained strokes. Patients with a history of stroke or fainting predisposition are advised to have a loop recorder implanted for further evaluation of heart rhythms that can cause their symptoms.